sourabhSourabh Designs understand that life is extremely busy and time is very precious, we are able to spend the time, on our client’s behalf, to find what you would like and oversee all these changes. In other words we are able to provide as much or as little as each individual/project requires and we pride ourselves in being able to interpret those wishes quickly and appropriately.

Our goal at Sourabh Designs was never to be the biggest design centre. Sourabh Kottari, our founder, has created a unique niche for his company in Mangalore and southern India building market by growing slowly over the years. One builder at a time, one homebuyer at a time. What makes us stand out amongst the rest, in this very competitive industry is pleasure. Pleasure in craftsmanship, pleasure in service, and pleasure in striving to be the best. From your very first contact with us we hope you will feel the same.